A coffee cup
made from old
coffee grounds –
how great is that!?

Every year, in the Netherlands alone, 250 million kilos of coffee grounds end up in the bin, and it’s about time we handle that waste more responsibly!

THE LUCKY CUP  is a cup made from coffee grounds.
These cups are part of a circular system that benefits the entire chain, from coffee bean farmer to coffee seller to you: a part of our revenue goes straight to the farmers, allowing them to grow EVEN better coffee in the future.

You’ll be happy with your coffee, we’ll be happy with your coffee grounds, and the farmer will be happy with your contribution.

 Lucky Birds only!

circle of


You Lucky bird

this is

The Lucky Cup

barista lover

The special shape allows the coffee to develop a perfect crema.


The material lets through a nice warmth but won’t get too hot to hold.


Hand or machine washing are fine for The Lucky Cup. It will last for years! And when it’s “finished”, you can simply return it to us – we’ll use it as raw materials for a new cup!

A stacking miracle

The cups are easy to stack and their functional design prevents them from getting stuck together. The unique bottom ensures that no water stays on it in the dishwasher.