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Lucky Bird Cup

It has been a long and exciting journey from the first idea to the final cup. Read more about this in our story.

Lucky Bird Cup cups are not compostable.

Because compostable according to EU standard and definition means that a product in a compost environment can disintegrate 90% into natural elements within six months. That’s not long for a cup and everyday items. Lucky Bird Cup is built to last.

Lucky Bird Cup consists of coffee grounds, biopolymers and starch. The innovative material is based on renewable raw materials and is free from binders based on crude oil.

No, our material and all our products are free of melamine.

We collect the coffee grounds from local partners and cafes in the Netherlands, with special attention to the origin and fair, social and transparent cooperation.

The cups are designed to last and be enjoyed for years to come. Even if the material wears out or becomes rougher due to frequent use, no harmful particles are released.

Yes, they are. Because they are made from natural materials, they may fade over time with frequent washing, but this will not damage them.

No. Because the cup is made of natural composites, we recommend not to heat the cups in the microwave.

We recommend rinsing the cups by hand with a soft sponge and natural detergent. But they are also dishwasher safe.

You Lucky Bird

Our products are not disposable. They are both very sturdy and durable and should bring lasting pleasure to the consumer. When you return the cups to us, they can be crushed into small pieces, creating new material. And so the circle closes.

The material of all our products is completely plant-based, and the production process is also free of animal products and therefore vegan.

Our material and packaging are free from fossil plastics.

All products are produced entirely in the Netherlands. The production process takes place in collaboration with workshops and small companies in South Holland and the rest of the Netherlands. Many steps are performed completely by hand. We focus on short green routes and want to strengthen local structures.