Our mission

You Lucky Bird makes you 100% circular and 100% fair!

Founders Guido ten Hengel and Paul van der Hulst

Founders Guido ten Hengel and Paul van der Hulst

our vision

You Lucky Bird is a social enterprise aiming to create a world without unnecessary waste, for the current and next generation, by making the economy fully circular. We want to build an inclusive economy that nurtures innovation, sustainability, equity, and transparency.

our products

We see opportunity in what most consider useless. Waste. It’s not as dirty as the word sounds. In fact, we turn it into valuable, usable products. It’s changing the way we think about our waste. . You Lucky Bird is currently working hard to develop new circular products. We want to keep surprising you.

we give back

We believe it is important to give back to the living environment of the original producer of the residual flow. For example, we have a school project in Ethiopia. A country that produces a lot of coffee. We are committed to making a positive impact by enriching people’s lives, supporting the environment, and promoting education by donating school books, a lunch meal, and clothing to children in need.